Plan. Report. Analyse. Win.

Performance analysis software made for athletes, coach and associations.

What is TeamDataLog?

TDL offers a complete comparative analysis based on qualitative and quantitative standardized information records to empower your sport performance.

This web cloud application combines the needs of Athletes, coaches and associations to manage a winning training cycle at any level, from beginners to Olympic champions, as medal race winners and medallist.

  • “Very efficient and useful tool to optimize athletes life. it helps planing and analyzing every aspect of athletes training and competition” – Andreas Schwaller: SwissCurling National Coach
  • “Sport specific data analysis is the way to go for the Elite and youth performance sport nowadays. With TDL plan, report and analysis features we have a strong tool for our long-term data management and day-to-day decision making.” – Tom Reulein, Swiss Sailing Team TeamChef

Why TeamDataLog?

  • Identify winning path,
  • Highlight key element for success,
  • Know-how management,
  • Simplify and optimize the job,
  • Share info and resources.