Quantitative agenda for Planning and Report: it looks like a simple drag and drop calendar, but every information you record is elaborated through the analytics as quantitative or qualitative data. The agenda is including:

  • Multiple time scale visualization: feel free to navigate your planning at any time scale from the years to the minutes.
  • Easy-to-use agenda: drag and drop into the calendar sport specific designed events or activities as well as many other info such as evaluations, test, trims, race or weather info.
  • Export your plan to your contacts: keep your planning up-to-date in all your devices or share it with all your network (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook and many more).
  • Attendances check and record: keep track of athletes’ participation to the training program at any level of accuracy (premium only).
  • Navigation by athletes or teams: a simple menu offers the possibility to switch from team visualization to a single athlete view (Premium only).


Comparative detailed analytics: TeamDataLog elaborate an analysis based on qualitative and quantitative standardized information records to empower your sport performance.

  • Plan vs. Report comparisons: the best way to overlook on historical data. TeamDataLog shows clearly the differences between your ideal planning and the real activity done.
  • Quantitative tag comparisons: TeamDataLog carries a special time-bounded tagging system, which is the best way to see your targets achievement evolution.
  • Dynamic graphing: there is always something more to see, that’s why each graph is dynamic: select only the variables you want to analyse.
  • Automatic journal report system: the timeline offers you an endless rollback to your activities.
  • Predictive athlete performance assessment: TeamDataLog integrate a multifactorial predictive algorithm to esteem the talent of athletes (Premium only).


Wind, Waves, Weather and Current: suitable to any outdoor sport, currently designed for sailing. TeamDataLog will be your best callbook.

  • Wind and sea forecast: use the specific forms to record all the weather models you are watching and then evaluate the reliability.
  • Marine condition report: collect georeferenced notes of strategical factors at any time. Tag with keywords and share it within a confidential group of people.
  • Weather statistics: TeamDataLog shows the conditions you met, by locations and time. You can evaluate your success rate and goal achievement related to weather conditions.
  • Weather notes: no matter how many locations you trained in, no matter how many hours you spent in a venue, with TDL you can always scroll back your notes concerning wind, current and more.
  • Images and videos embedding: because the words are not always enough, complete your notes with YouTube videos or files from Dropbox.


Mobile app for iOS and Android: that’s a must to have TeamDataLog in your pocket with you. No matters if you are offline.

  • Report in details while coaching: we don’t like to lose information, so the mobile app is the way to record real time all the notes, tag and details of your sport activity.
  • Daily agenda: the app offer the opportunity to check the agenda of your team to help you to respect your schedule and target settings (premium only).
  • Information broadcast: designed to spread the weather forecast amongst the sailing team in a confidential way, it’s a multi porpoise function to broadcast information to a restricted group (premium only).


Full access to your database: inside TeamDataLog all records are promptly organized in forms divided by categories. You can navigate the database by team, by athlete or date.

  • Sport discipline designed: TeamDataLog is born for sport, so you can register any information you need. From your training activity to your fitness test, as well as from equipment trim and usage to race evaluation forms. All in one platform.
  • Secure, cloud-based: as TeamDataLog is a web cloud based application with high standard of security, your data are safely stored. No more computer stolen, lost or gone broken with data inside.
  • Shape your database: as soon as your team is big enough, TeamDataLog allows the users to create and edit their own forms for the database. In addition, when required you’ll be able to link videos, photos or embed files (premium only).
  • The athlete curriculum: the wide amount of historical information is storable in TeamDataLog makes that web platform the right place to store the sportive curriculum of your athlete (premium only).
  • Offline functionality: as the network is not yet always available, TeamDataLog offers some offline report functionality which will help you to remember what it matters, via mobile or laptop (beta).